Growing, growth, grow.

It’s 4am and my fridge freezer has been making noises again, so much so that it has woken me up.

So I thought I would pop onto my blog and share a few words. In previous years I have shared with you my creative endeavours and tried to sell you some of the products I make and create. That won’t change, but I will be sharing some more meaningful content with you.

I had a lot growth in 2019, tried things I would never have done before. Like going to new events by myself that I wouldn’t of thought I’d benefit from.

If I decide to change my shift in direction that’s okay, I have quite a few things going on in life and they are not for the public domain. So if you are looking for a cheery Becki you might not find her so easily.

Onto 2020 I want to continue to grow, that will mean a shift in my priorities. Less judgement, more educating, more enjoyable activities and more self worth. Making this shift has not been easy, setting up boundaries has sometimes knocked me sideways.
Letting go of the things/situations I can’t change is something I am continually working on.

So in 2020 I will keep growing, questioning, and educating. Right then, I will try and get some sleep.

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