Christmas cards

Since I got my first DSLR camera about 3 years ago. I have always taken shots of Christmas and the products I have purchased.

this year I decided to take some of my shots and have them printed onto Christmas cards with the intention of selling them.

So here’s a little background behind the shots I have chosen to print on my Christmas cards this year.

This first shot is taken off some decorations on my Christmas tree. I then decided to to edit the shot through an app to make it more festive.

This second shot is a flatlay including some lights and more decorations on top of the festive fabric which is now a knitting project bag. This shot tested my photography skills, as I had not worked that much with lighting and must have taken about 20 shots to get this one that I absolutely adore.

I have lots of different festive shots and when a friend asked whether or not I was going to sell any Christmas cards he actually help me to choose the shots to print.

I have only printed 25 of each design and with Christmas not that far away I won’t print anymore.

Each card is being sold at £2 including postage and come with an envelope. But can confirm the price for multiples by email, All cards are sent 1st class post.

I hope you have a fantastic festive period and celebrate whatever you feel.

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