Uncertainty, in the presence of vivid hopes and fears, is painful, but must be endured if we are to live without the support of comforting fairy tales.

Nik thanks for sharing your account of cancer, sharing this is the least I can do.

Bad To The Bone

The above passage from a book called ‘A History of Western Philosophy’ by Bertrand Russell jumped straight out at me as I scanned across the pages. I recall being half way through a seventy-two-hour chemotherapy cycle, I was bored, pissed off and was just doing my best to pass the time when I was stopped in my tracks by this passage. For some reason those words had evoked a sense of calm amidst a whirlwind of frustration and anger.

My name is Nikky Gibbons, I’m thirty-two and have had to battle cancer twice in the last five years. One thing to note is that I’m not usually very open or forthcoming when it comes to expressing my feelings or sharing my experiences. But it had been pointed out to me that I had been through a fair bit the past five years and by sharing my story I hope…

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Prettys by Claudia 

A friend has strated blogging, support and have a read.

Covell Capers

So, have you ever wanted art and craft items with a difference? Something quirky? Or have the creative ability of a flea like me?

If the answer is yes, I would definitely recommend having a look at Prettys by Claudia. I spotted her fabulous craft items on Facebook, after a friend liked her page.

Claudia describes her craft items as home decor and I completely agree.

I was after something quirky, something different, to celebrate my daughter growing up. Prettys by Claudia delivered it! Photo jars! Just what the doctor ordered.

Loving them

Words can not describe how chuffed I am with the outcome of them. I was actually speechless when I saw them. I have even brought two more for Christmas presents! How organised I hear you say! Erm, not really. Still have more to buy.

I thought the cost for the home decor jars was good. £18 for…

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7 days and counting


In Great Britain the broadcasters are doing lots to make people aware of the Paralympics.  As I start to type this blog entry Channel 4 are showing a programme and the presenter opened by saying “Seven days and counting”.

As an official yesterday we received more information and oh boy this journey is getting closer.  It is actually 5 days until I report at the Paralympic village.  I am packed & will probably check and double check that I don’t forget anything.  Surprisingly even though I am really excited I am also calmer than I thought I would be at this stage.  A dear friend texted and asked “Are the butterflies testing their wings?”

As I walk around my day job colleagues keep asking me if I am looking forward to the Paralympics and the beaming smile I have been wearing says it all.  It has also been great sharing…

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Parkside Shorts and Skirt

I might have to try these patterns.

Fa Sew La

Parkside Shorts 1

It is the last day of May! Another month has flown by! I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in my third Me Made May. My biggest revelation has been that the weather in Chicago is not reliably Spring-like until about the last week of the month. I was mostly frustrated in the earlier weeks that I couldn’t start wearing my warm weather dresses and skirts. I have plenty of me made clothes to get me through and my main wardrobe gap continues to be pants that aren’t joggers.

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Motivation vs Procrastination

This lady is one of the nicest people I’ve met.


2015-07-22 14.16.09

The final scores are in….

Isn’t it hard to be motivated on dull days…. days when the colour of everything seems to take on a grey tone to match to sullen sky.   I have realised in my short time of being full time creator that motivation is not a thing to find ‘out there’, it’s a state of determination, to plough on even when you can really just turn over in bed for an extra few minutes.  It’s more than turning up, it’s being tuned in and ready to go.

Obviously being a creative isn’t like other professions, your ability to create is intrinsically woven into how you feel.  It is an emotional and expressive work we do, putting our very personality into each piece we produce.

When I was at the day job and longed for the freedom to create everyday, I had only experienced short periods of…

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