Somerset Top by Maven Patterns

Over Christmas I was scrolling through Instagram and came across a new pattern from Maven patterns.

The Somerset top called to me, I purchased the pattern and downloaded it. Then I remembered I really don’t want to stick A4 sheets together and sent the A0 files to my regular sewing pattern copy shop. Then my indecisive nature set in couldn’t decide what fabric to use so I posted some of my stretch fabric stash on Instagram.
Mrs M commented on the post and helped make my decision.

I always find the cutting out of patterns and fabric a real bind and it always takes me a long time to do.This this pattern doesn’t have many pieces so it didn’t actually take very long to cut out the pattern. what did take time was making sure the stretch fabric didn’t keep moving.
There is encouragement for you to practice your stitches in this pattern and when I start a new project especially one using stretch fabric I always change my machine needle.As I always struggle with a twin needle in my sewing machine I used zigzag stitch on the neckline and hem of the top. As I was stitching with white thread and it didn’t photograph very well.My other friend was my seam ripper, I did have to unpick the neck facing, then later the cuffs.

It’s been a while since I used shirring elastic so again I practiced before attempting it on the sleeves. It turned out okay in the end.The main thing that attracted me to this pattern was the sleeves. I didn’t know that bishop sleeves were a thing.This was my practice garment (toile) and I love it. The toile is very wearable, so I wore it to work.I didn’t have to make any adjustments to the pattern it fitted rather well. I think this pattern will be a staple part of my wardrobe and it was enjoyable to make. As a dyslexic I find following patterns quite difficult and will just wing it when necessary.
I will also try some of the other sleeve variations.
Thanks Mrs M