Straight out of the phone

A few weeks ago I posted this photo on my Instagram feed and I didn’t edit it all. It was taken with my mobile phone. I currently use a Samsung S7 edge, please note this post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way.

My reason for writing this post was to share more of my mobile phone photography and to say you can capture some great views and moments with your phone.

This shot was taken at a IgersBirmingham instameet at the museum of the jewellery quarter.

This was taken in inner city Birmingham, sprouting up from an apartment block.

I was waiting for the bus and was captivated the drama in the sky. I did have my camera in my bag but just reached for my phone.

A week after taking the first photo I took the same shot again and the sky wasn’t playing ball, but still a good shot.

I love how detail of the wood makes a great background to a fallen flower.

This shot was taken along the canals in Birmingham. Also the next two photos.

I tend to use a 2 second timer on most of my shots and try to stand really still. I do usually post edit but none of the photos in this post have been edited, hence being straight out of the phone.


The People Shop

The people shop - Poppybead blog

Do you ever walk around with your head in the clouds?  Well I do, then the sun shines through and something exciting and positive happens.  Over on Instagram I have been following Allison Sadler for a while and she posted that her shop was 16 years old.  How did I miss that the People shop has been around for so long?

So after my fortnightly knitting  meet up I trundled up Popular Road to be welcomed by some music outside.

The people shop - Poppybead blog

Even though the shop was busy I got a really friendly welcome and a cocktail, which was lovely.  When I last went to a shop celebration with cocktails I ended up buying something.

There was too many beautiful things to look at and my eyes were darting everywhere.  The chandelier, the flowers, the cake and of course the stock.

The people shop - Poppybead blog

The people shop - Poppybead blog

The people shop - Poppybead blog


Selina Lake was in the shop to sign her latest book Botanical Style: Inspirational decorating with nature, plants and florals.  


I was inspired by Selina’s book and bought this lovely cushion from the shop.  Thanks Mr C for making it.

The people shop - Poppybead blog

I left the shop feeling very positive and inspired to get making things again.