Breakfast Muffins 


Afternoon Tea at the Savoy, London 

A few months ago my oldest friend said she was coming back from Australia to visit friends and family.  She suggested going for afternoon tea at the Savoy. She checked that they could provide gluten free options and the answer was yes.

We were given the option of afternoon tea and high tea. I went with the high tea option and reminded them of my gluten free diet.

We had the choice of 32 different teas and we chose an afternoon blend exclusive to the Savoy.  Then it started, the sandwiches came first and the gluten free options were slightly different.  I had egg mayo, rocket and tomato, coronation chicken and ham and coleslaw.

Afternoon tea at the Savoy - Poppybead

Afternoon tea at the Savoy - Poppybead

After two rounds of sandwiches, it was time for scones.  They were slightly smaller than their usual  scones and the base was a bit hard, but not too bad.  They were served with clotted cream, jam and lemon curd. I would say if you are coeliac I would ask for a seperate portion cream and jam.  My friends didn’t mix their spoons so I didn’t have any problems.

I decided to eat my scones with the cream on top and bottom.  I prefer the cream being on the bottom, sorry if you don’t agree.

Then it was time for Green asparagus with poached egg, crayfish and lemon hollandaise, whilst eating all of this lovely food the tea was re-filled without asking.


I asked if any of the cakes were gluten free and this banana cake was.

All in all I had a lovely experience & I would definitely do it again.

Fishylicious – Birmingham: Gluten Free Fish and Chips

On Facebook someone shared that there was a new fish and chip shop in Birmingham serving gluten free food. My excitement was set and I started looking for it’s location.

Pitsford Street is in the Jewellery Quarter near a cemetery.  Don’t let that put you off as when you get outside the bright blue restaurant there were some lovely deck chairs.

Once inside I had the choice of seating, as it was early evening.  I picked cod and battered chips.  Since I moved to the West Midlands I kept hearing about orange battered chips, so I had to order them.

I ordered a beer as they served gluten free daura beer.

Then came my fish and chips.  It was wrapped in paper and I was really excited.  I opened it up and wow!

Here it was, cod and battered chips. It tasted as good as it looked.  The only issue I had was the mushy peas tasted a little sweet, but that could of been my taste buds.

I wish Fishylicious well and will be going back again.

Gluten Free At The High Field, Edgbaston

Tonight I had the chance to eat at the High Field in Edgbaston.

When the table was booked they confirmed their food could be adapted and included dishes on their fixed price menu.image


So as usual I looked at the menu prior to ordering and double checked my choices were gluten free.  Then I was told the soup of the day was red pepper and sweetcorn. image


It was served with a bread roll and I wasn’t sure if this was gluten free so I checked again.  The roll was gluten free and warm, my face was a picture as if I hadn’t ever eaten bread before.  The soup was well seasoned and full of flavour.

I decided to have a super foods salad with brown rice and Bombay chicken.  The rice was nutty and could of been cooked just a tad longer  but wasn’t a real issue.  I couldn’t see any cauliflower but there broccoli and it was nice.image


I thought it I would be lovely to have a pudding as well.  I checked there wasn’t any gluten or chocolate in my choice of lemon posset, poached raspberries & meringue.  Being allergic to chocolate sucks.image

This pudding was a good choice and really refreshing.  It was a little awkward to get the last bits of the pudding out of the jar it was served in.

All in all,  I really enjoyed all three courses, washed down with a glass of merlot.  The price couldn’t of been better for the quality of food and service.  I will be going back again.


2015 Goodbye, 2016 Hi

Where did you go 2015?  Reflecting on a year of ups and downs.

One main thing was going into hospital for another laparoscopy.  I have recovered really well but still in pain so will be looking for answers in 2016.  This might involve more dietary changes and drinking more water is one of them.

2015 gave me the opportunity to eat at some lovely places and there is still some content to be loaded.

My word for 2016 is consistency, rather than setting resolutions. I want to gain more consistency over all aspects of my life, this includes my blogging.

So thank you for reading my ramblings and keep your eyes peeled for more.

Eating out in Cardiff

At the beginning of September my day job took me off to Cardiff. I posted in a coeliacs Facebook group for suggestions on where to eat.

There were quite a few responses. So I went to Wahaca and Bill’s. I wanted to try places that weren’t in the city I live in.
I have been to Wahaca on the Southbank before and really enjoyed the food. As I don’t go very often I thought I would give it another try. They have a specific gluten free menu. I am glad did as the plantain tacos were lovely.

Then I had a fish and rice dish. This was good too.

Since my visit to Cardiff Bill’s have opened in the Bullring, so will go again.




Rub Smokehouse & Bar Birmingham


Rub Smokehouse & bar is new to Birmingham only opened on 22nd July 2015.  It is located on Broad Street in between the Solomon Cutler and the Hyatt hotel.  I remember this place as the Living Room, a bar upstairs with a good vibe.

I came across Rub on Twitter and as I usually do I checked out the menu online and noticed (GF) next to many of the items.  I have a great love of pulled pork but I cook it at home.  Ribs on the other hand are something I haven’t mastered at home so seeing them filled me with excitement.

I was greeted by a friendly host and shown upstairs.  As I was meeting a friend I was given the option to wait at the bar but I went straight to our table.  My first memory was these wooden seats aren’t too comfortable.

I ordered the crackling as a starter.  I wasn’t sure if any of the gluten free options needed to have ingredients removed, so I mentioned it to our server.  I don’t think she is used to sceptical eaters who like to check food is definitely gluten free so thought I was a little awkward.


I enjoyed the crackling and the apple sauce was nice, not too sweet.  A little bit more apple sauce would be good.

Then my half rack of ribs came served with salt and pepper fries and slaw.  The slaw had no sign of mayonnaise and I didn’t mind.  There was a lot of choice of how to have your fries.

Poppybead blog - Ribs

There was wet tissues so you don’t need to be polite, I just tucked in with my hands.  The ribs tasted really good and the portion was ample.  There was spring onions sprinkled on everything.

We were then offered the desert menu.  I asked if they had any deserts that were gluten free and non chocolate.  The answer was no, my allergy to chocolate sometimes makes desert when eating out difficult.

All in all I will definitely be going back again to Rub.  The portion sizes were good, the options were ample apart from desert.  I did like how they brought out the kitchen sink desert to another table, that looked like good fun.

I would like to wish them well and every  success.

Here is my friend’s non gluten free desert, it did look good.