Gluten Free At The High Field, Edgbaston

Tonight I had the chance to eat at the High Field in Edgbaston.

When the table was booked they confirmed their food could be adapted and included dishes on their fixed price menu.image


So as usual I looked at the menu prior to ordering and double checked my choices were gluten free.  Then I was told the soup of the day was red pepper and sweetcorn. image


It was served with a bread roll and I wasn’t sure if this was gluten free so I checked again.  The roll was gluten free and warm, my face was a picture as if I hadn’t ever eaten bread before.  The soup was well seasoned and full of flavour.

I decided to have a super foods salad with brown rice and Bombay chicken.  The rice was nutty and could of been cooked just a tad longer  but wasn’t a real issue.  I couldn’t see any cauliflower but there broccoli and it was nice.image


I thought it I would be lovely to have a pudding as well.  I checked there wasn’t any gluten or chocolate in my choice of lemon posset, poached raspberries & meringue.  Being allergic to chocolate sucks.image

This pudding was a good choice and really refreshing.  It was a little awkward to get the last bits of the pudding out of the jar it was served in.

All in all,  I really enjoyed all three courses, washed down with a glass of merlot.  The price couldn’t of been better for the quality of food and service.  I will be going back again.


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