Leafy sewing projects

Sewing has been my craft of choice recently and I have found it quite peaceful. This is as long as I use patterns I have used before.

So I have been revisiting patterns I used before. Above is my latest version of Mccalls M6886 dress pattern, I have a few of these dresses now. I will be blogging about this pattern soon.

Then I went back to a pattern (New Look 6809) I purchased over 7 years ago. I still have an unfinished garment from this pattern. But after visiting Abakhans in Manchester I really wanted to use this fabric. The pattern has an opening at the neckline but I couldn’t be bothered to put it in and so I sewed it up. What I noticed is that the centre seam is riding up.

It is not bothering me enough to change it and the fabric kept fraying. But if I make it again I will probably add it.

Whilst in Abakhans I noticed this fabric and thought I need to have it, so I bought it with no real idea of what I would make. Then I went to another pattern I purchased many moons ago (New Look 6216). This pattern has three pieces, front, back and neckband.

I hadn’t realised that these fabrics were all similar until I decided to write this post. Sometimes you don’t notice the patterns or themes that run through your creative endeavours.

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