Stevie dress by Tilly and the buttons.

Back in November at the Guthrie and Ghani festive evening I purchased 2 patterns. One of them was the Stevie dress by Tilly and the buttons


Lots of sewing friends have already made it. But I kept putting it off and sticking to the patterns I know. Also I couldn’t be bothered to trace the pattern to preserve the pattern.

Then I had a real need to sew something different. So I just cut out the pattern pieces.

Once I had cut out the fabric, I used some of the scraps to test the stitching. This helps me decide if I need to change my needle in my sewing machine.

Then I had a couple of games of thread chicken. One I won and the 2nd I lost as I was completing the hem.

In a few sewing groups people had mentioned that the ties could be heavy when made out of the same fabric so I decided to use a contrasting ribbon colour.

This detail has added a cheerful addition to the dress.

I am really happy with the outcome and will certainly be making more. I might add a little length to the dress.

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