It’s nearly Christmas

Well it is in knitting terms, just around the corner!!

I have managed to knit three scarves ready for Christmas and convince my mum to have a knitted hat for Christmas, what a result.  This also means I can spend on some luscious yarn for my ma.  Roll on Fibre Flurry



I have been to my first knitting and stitching show at Ally Pally.  OMG there was so much to look at and be inspired by.  However I didn’t know women from crafting circles can be so vicious over being able to sit down, once I did get to sit down I spoke with some lovely people from Wiltshire, South Africa & the States.

Inspiring others is such an honour, whether it be with Rico can can or sharing at the crafting network at work.  Knitting, beading, card making, crochet, sewing and maybe spinning all make me happy and want to share the love of crafting.


Running before you can walk

After feeling sorry for myself today I made myself go to Brum Knit Night, I am so glad that I did.  I took simple knitting projects as my concentration levels today were nil.

I got to meet a lovely little girl who was making a pom pom and drawing pictures, oh to be really young again.  Also Jael showed me some spinning and I have started my homework!!

I don’t think I need anymore crafts or hobbies to try but I am going to keep all the scraps of material from the grab bags I am making and maybe make a quilt but as with my knitting I shouldn’t be running before I can walk.

Today’s picture shows my merino tops and the material for my next grab bag.  I think it’s time to grab some sleep.


Crafty weekend

Why does the weekend go so fast?

After spending a lovely Friday evening listening to salsa with great company.  I managed to get to the post office to pick up my goodies from Texere Yarns, it is always so exciting when craft stuff comes through the post.  It is also nice to be able to open my parcel with like minded people who share my excitement for yarn etc, the ladies of Stitch and Bitch are good fun when it comes to yarn.

I have managed to finish a baby scarf and will cast on the baby hat soon, maybe at lunch time.

I have also managed to complete another grab bag, it is smaller than I would of liked but that’s what you get for using quilting quarters.  I have noticed they are called “Fat quarters” but no fat enough for my pattern!!

I might cut out another grab bag tomorrow, now I have got the hang of it.  I have so many thing I would like to do but work does get in the way, night night.

First blog entry

I can’t believe I have actually got round to setting up this blog.  I am currently working on some jewellery for a special friend who’s milestone birthday is tomorrow.  I am also really happy that I have also finished my first lace shawl.