Introducing one of the NTO’s

My name is Rebecca and I live in Birmingham UK.  I have been involved with Basketball since I was 13, when my PE teacher started to open the gym before and after school.  My initial reason to get involved with Basketball was because the boys on the team were better looking than the soccer team.

When I first came to Birmingham to study a degree in Leisure Management, Basketball was a way for me to make friends.  Some of these friends have become family over the years.  During September and May when the season is running in the UK I spend most weekends with my “Basketball” Family.

I first got involved with Wheelchair Basketball in 2005 when I officiated at the World Wheelchair Junior Basketball Championships when they were held in Birmingham.  Since then I have had the honour to officiate at a number of high profile international wheelchair events & this will continue when I officiate in my home town of London at the Paralympics.