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A lovely blog from Sarah “What will be on my gluten free table this Christmas –


Motivation vs Procrastination

This lady is one of the nicest people I’ve met.

This is the Face of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is why I am gluten free. Have a read of this blog.



“I know we always tell each other “stay strong” but part of strength is knowing you cannot be strong all the time.  When you live with constant pain or injuries you struggle all the time.  When someone says to you they never break, they are lying to you or themselves. A drop of water on a stone doesn’t do much but a constant drip eventually erodes and changes the stone forever.  The truth is the never ending pain is like a constant drip changing parts of your soul.  It changes you leaving scars no one can see.  Does it make you stronger? Absolutely, but it also takes a toll on you mentally and emotionally.  When you feel as if you have lost your strength hold on with all your might and when you strength finds you again you can look back and be proud and amazed by what you overcame.”


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Mandeville & me

I thought it would be fun to get a mascot for the Paralympics.  My Mandeville mascot has been on his travels and I have been tweeting the pictures.  



 His first trip was on the bus in the West Midlands.
Then he went to MAC for a spot of knitting. 
After that he went further afield when we arrived at Stoke Mandeville train Station.

We got to find out more about how and who set up Stoke Mandeville.  This is Ludwig Guttmann.



The statue wasn’t very tall or was that me that isn’t very tall. 



Mandeville managed to watch some of the action at the European U22 Championships. 


He even made friends.

He did want to help me officiate, but I had to say no.
After the action we went out in the sunshine and met a carbon fibre Mandeville.


I thought I would get out of the way and leave Mini me to the limelight.  Can you spot my Mandeville amongst all his mates?
After a long week of officiating Mini me relaxed and helped with some knitting and jewellery making.



Woodland Wilf wanted a race in Stafford so Mini me couldn’t say no.  It was a tight finish but Mini me won against the garden gnome.

He was rather successful and will be turning these into apple sauce.
On the day of the day of the opening ceremony Mini me enjoyed a late lunch in the West Midlands.
I hope you have enjoyed the story so far.  To be continued……………………….

Running before you can walk

After feeling sorry for myself today I made myself go to Brum Knit Night, I am so glad that I did.  I took simple knitting projects as my concentration levels today were nil.

I got to meet a lovely little girl who was making a pom pom and drawing pictures, oh to be really young again.  Also Jael showed me some spinning and I have started my homework!!

I don’t think I need anymore crafts or hobbies to try but I am going to keep all the scraps of material from the grab bags I am making and maybe make a quilt but as with my knitting I shouldn’t be running before I can walk.

Today’s picture shows my merino tops and the material for my next grab bag.  I think it’s time to grab some sleep.