Street food in Birmingham

As I  flicked through Facebook an event popped up saying there was a street food event in Birmingham.  This was organised by Regency Wharf and Scoff Street Food.

I am always dubious that events like this won’t have any gluten free options, however I had nothing to worry about.  This event wasn’t big but it is in it’s infancy.
I decided to try Canoodle Pan Asian food.  Then I couldn’t decide on the beef randang or the chicken red thai curry, so I had both.

Poppybead blog Street Food from Canoodle

The wind was really blowing so Canoodle kindly wrapped my food up and it made it home in one piece.


I have got to say I enjoyed the red thai chicken curry more.  It was packed with flavour and there was lots of chicken.  Both the beef and chicken were tender and melted in my mouth. It was served with some salad, which was a lovely palette cleanser.  I am really pleased to get this in gluten free food.

I hope this event gets the support it deserves and happens again.


Frittata For Breakfast

This morning I thought I would cook one of my favourite things.  I can eat frittata at anytime of the day.  Today I am having it for breakfast.   The following photos show the ingredients and the nutritional information according to My Fitness Pal.







Enjoy, as I intend to.

Leon – I keep going back for more.

Leon pot

This blog was originally posted on the Poppybead website on 14th August 2014

Since going to Leon for a knitting group I can’t get enough of their food. Now they have one in Kings Cross station I always visit when I get the chance.

On my first visit I tried something different, chicken, lemon and olive tagine.

Chicken, Lemon and Olive Tagine

It was nice, the chicken was plentiful and moist. I love olives and the tanginess from the lemon brought it together for me. I will have this dish again.

My next visit to Leon I reverted back to one of my favourites

Meatball lunchbox

Alongside this I had the crushed pea salad.

Crushed Pea Salad

 Not forgetting the pecan pie.

I could eat here everyday to be honest but I might settle for one of their cook books instead.

Udi’s in the UK

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Apart from making/crafting, taking photos & Basketball I love food.  I love talking about it, cooking it & of course eating it!

About three or four years ago I started to follow a gluten free diet.  This change of diet has been beneficial to my health, giving me more energy to continue crafting.  Like the handmade industry a gluten free diet can be hard work.

Bread, pastry, pasta, real ale & gravy are only a few of the things missing from my diet.  As the years have passed I have been lucky to meet others who follow a wheat & gluten free diet.  My knowledge has grown and I have been able to introduce gluten free alternatives back into my diet.

Tesco started stocking quite a wide range of gluten free foods and at the beginning of October the yellow logo of Udi’s was a part of that range.  I knew Udi was widely available in the US and got rather excited about the prospect of being able to eat bagels after 3ish years.  So excited I posted photos on my Instagram page.  I didn’t think I would become one of those people who took pictures of my food but I am.  I think when you have dietary requirements it can be useful to others and share ideas of what you can eat.

I got an email asking if I wanted to try some products from Udi’s and I jumped at the chance.  Then this lovely box turned with a cute label on it.


Inside the box I was delighted to find lots of goodies

Including jalapeno ancient grain crisps, cinnamon & sugar bagel chips, cinnamon & raisin bagels, aged cheddar ancient grain crisps, apple & cinnamon toaster pastries and chocolate chip & toffee flavoured muffins.  

I started with the crisps and they were nice, it’s sometimes hard to get gluten free flavoured crisps.  The jalapeno ancient grain crisps do have a kick of heat to them but I didn’t mind.

I then looked at the muffins as I have an allergy to chocolate, I thought about giving the packet to a gluten free colleague.  I re-read the packet and only had to give away one.  My colleague Jayne was really excited and enjoyed the muffin.  She said the muffin was a good size light and fluffy in taste.  I did enjoy the toffee muffin and we both thought the mixed packet was a great idea.

I had an urge for bread and butter pudding and thought I could use the bagels.  I then couldn’t be bothered to cut them up and used the bagel chips, this saved me adding any sugar or flavouring to the pudding.  The full recipe will be detailed in a separate blog entry.  Oh my word it was a great pudding!  I have frozen the rest of the fresh bagels and they have defrosted really well.

The toaster pastries were a convenient product to keep at work, I did find the pastry a bit salty but overall they were ok.

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to try some new gluten free products and share my experiences.  Now I ‘d need to look through some of my photos taken of my products.