My week in photos – 11th November 2019

I thought I would write about my week in photos and see whether or not I would make this a regular feature on my blog.

My week started with basketball and ended with basketball. I started last weekend with games at the Factory young people centre. The emotions that the game of basketball gives differs from when people think they are bigger than the game to the elation of belonging.

I got to catch up with a dear friend over lunch and didn’t take pictures of my food we talked and listened to what was going on in each other’s lives and and I appreciate moments and time like that with my friends. But I did cook during the week and I use a lot of frozen vegetables as I tend to waste veg otherwise. I also cooked a massive batch of Dal and some of that went into the freezer.

My job during the day has some beautiful scenery and so I do my utmost to get outside and away from my desk at lunchtimes.

There has been some emotional turmoil this week and I have been hopeful. I am not beating myself up about what I can’t do or control.

Have a restful weekend.

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