Be Inspired – Kizomba, Semba & Ginga Workshops 

About this time last year I contacted my friend James to ask if I could take photos at his “Be Inspired – Kizomba and Semba Workshops” It’s been one of the scariest photo opportunities I did last year.  How do I freeze movement, how do I make sure the images are clear. I was shooting with both a Fuji Finepix bridge camera and a Canon 400D.

Fast forward just over a year and I have the opportunity to capture another one of James’s workshops.  I prepare myself to shoot at the same venue as last year, anticipating the lighting and what shots I want to get and the venue changes.  Calmly I make sure I have my external flash and extra batteries.

I got to the venue, with time to take some test shots with my Canon 1300D and introduced myself to the teacher Maria.

Poppybead Creative

Poppybead Creative

I really like these shots.  The guys were busy setting up the music for the party night Testa Com Testa that follows the workshops.

As people started to arrive I started to wonder around and so people would feel at ease with me taking photos.  I found out that people had travelled from London and Bristol to attend the workshops.












I really enjoy challenging myself as a photographer and these workshops are a great opportunity to do that.  Everyone is so friendly.



Maria will be hosting a Kizomba festival in Germany at the end of March click here for more details.

James will be hosting his own festival in Sardinia more details can found here about Sardinia Afro Beach Festival – The Kizomba Festival of Friendship.

Thank you again James.

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