Street Workshop with Kris Askey & IGersBirmingham

When I start writing my blog posts I always struggle and this is the same with my photography.  So when I found IGersBirmingham on Instagram and started going to some of their meetups I started to move out of my comfort zone and challenge the type of photos I shot.

Today was no different.  I kept thinking what if I don’t like any of my shots, I hope no one takes my camera.  Will I have the confidence to give street photography the justice it deserves.   Oh well lets go and see what a Street workshop is all about and listen as well as learn.

Kris Askey kindly gave up some of his time to talk us about how he got started, what fuels him to take the shots he has.  Kris captures some amazing moments and people, last year he shot an exhibition for Birmingham Children’s Hospital which could be viewed in the streets of Birmingham.  After some advice on taking shots on the street, we went out to take our own shots.Poppybead Creative, #igb_meet_street

Here’s one of my first shots, I like the whole view of taxi versus bicycle.  I could of been closer , but I like this shot.





These shots were some distance away  or blurred to have any real impact in my view.  But I am happy to share them.



Version 2


Version 2


Version 2

I liked these last  three shots when I took them, but I could of had better angles.  Enough of the critiquing, the shots below I am happy with, so enjoy.

Version 2

Version 2

Version 2

Version 2

Version 2






Version 2
Once we had been out shooting for an hour, we met again and Kris edited some shots.

The opportunity to see Kris edit shots taken by fellow IGers was really useful.  This workshop has given me a kick up the bum to keep challenging myself, try something new & consider printing some of my shots.  So yet again IGersBirmingham and Kris thank you so much.

Kris has an exhibition starting on the 18th February at Park View Gallery in Kings Heath for a month.  So if you want to see and buy prints from Kris go along and support.


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