It’s the end of January already!

This post was due to be published on Tuesday but the photos wouldn’t load.

Today was the last day of January and it’s always welcome.  Mainly because it’s the first payday after Christmas and my birthday.

I thought I would share some photos from this month.

Tracey Emin poster Poppybead Creative

This poster was designed by Tracey Emin for the 2012 Paralympics in London.  I find the words meaningful.

Igers Birmingham had their first meetup of the year in Deritend, the weather was poor but there was a great turnout of people.  I have been able to challenge my photography through these meetups and meet some lovely people.

I upgraded my phone and these last few photos were taken with my phone, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Poppybead Creative

Poppybead Creative

These two photos were taken on different days.

Poppybead Creative

I love reflections and I am sure there will be more over the year.  Enjoy February.

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