My Calendar – My year in photos

Since the beginning of 2016 I have seriously been taking photos with a DSLR camera.  Along this journey of discovery I have had some fantastic opportunities to take photos.

I wanted to get a desktop calendar and thought about using my own shots.  I did get some inspiration from Ross Jukes Photography, who has produced a fantastic calendar with great shots. 

 So I looked back through all of the photos I took this year and tried to choose a shot from each month.

Poppybead Creative

 This is the cover of my calendar, I took this shot at Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve on an igersbirmingham and West Midlands wildlife instameet.  

Poppybead Creative

 In January I went to Dublin for my birthday and spent time with some lovely people, thank you.

Poppybead Creative

 Before I carry on I took photos Canon 400D for the first 3 months.  I want to thank my dear friend for lending me the camera.

I love tulips and will treat myself to flowers every once in a while.

Poppybead Creative

 For my 40th birthday another dear friend gave me some plants and they re-flowered. I love how things can bloom again.

Poppybead Creative

 At the end of April I took my own DSLR out.  Rachel at Sitting Knitting let me take pictures in her lovely yarn shop.  This West Midlands yarn shop is full of beautiful things on top of all of the beautiful yarn.

Poppybead Creative

 I have been very blessed when a friend gave me some advice about lenses.  His advice about photography is invaluable and one Sunday morning I got up early to try it out.  The lens is for macro shots but I just wanted to try using it and ended up taking this shot of the Selfridges building in the West Midlands.

Poppybead Creative

 In June I met some photographers through Instagram and took this shot from the top of the Cube.  I am always chasing the sunset and sunrises.

Poppybead Creative

 This sunrise brings back memories of growing up.  I was rather pleased with the composition.

Poppybead Creative

 Whilst taking time off from the day job I went out to practice my photography and I went past the fountain in Victoria Square, which has been planted with flowers and I managed to capture a butterfly.

Poppybead Creative

 After all the years of living in the West Midlands I had the chance to go to Sarehole Mill with igersbirmingham on an instameet and take this shot. It was a lovely day and I got to meet more Instagrammers.

Poppybead Creative

 In October I signed up for another instameet with igersbirmingham at the new library at the University of Birmingham.  I wanted to challenge my photography and be nosey to be honest.  I was so shocked as this shot got chosen as photo of the day and featured in the igersbirmingham exhibition.  I am so proud of how the level of my photography has improved this year.

 As I said earlier I am always chasing a great sunrise and sunset.  So on the way to my day job I looked back saw this view and lucky enough I had my camera with me.

Poppybead Creative

 This photo wasn’t captured in December, it was a few days earlier. I got the opportunity to learn more about long exposure photography and I really enjoyed myself.  Yet another challenge for me, as I didn’t have a clue and struggle with cold temperatures.

I have enjoyed improving the quality of of my photos and can’t thank everyone who has helped me enough.  I have ordered 5 desk calendars in total and will make the other 4 available for sale if people are interested.  Do comment below.






4 thoughts on “My Calendar – My year in photos

  1. Laura (Full to the Brum) says:

    What a fantastic idea to create a calendar of your photos – I love that one for December, it looks fab. I use a DSLR to take photos for my blog, but I’ve just bought a new camera which is lighter for more regular adventures. I’ve told myself 2017 is the year I’m going to try and improve my photography, so I’ll be checking out IGers.


    1. Poppybead says:

      Thanks Laura
      I have put links to the IGersBirmingham new website so definitely check them out. People come with all different types of camera, including phones which is great.


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