My Name is Leon – An Evening with Kit de Waal 

After two nights of crap sleep I find myself wide awake at a quarter to six in the morning.  So I took the opportunity to listen to an evening with Kit de Waal hosted by Brum Radio bookshow.

I heard about this event through my friend Tina.  Who I met many moons ago when we were involved in university basketball.  Her friendship has opened my world to creative situations I wouldn’t of thought of.
She told me about the book and thought I would be interested.  I had all good intentions to read the book before going but didn’t.

I turned up early at Waterstones Birmingham, had a drop of red grape and sat down.  I didn’t know what to expect.

The guy on the left was hosting the recording and the guy on the right was assisting with tech stuff.

Kit read an extract from her debut novel, talked about the process and answered questions.  It was interesting to hear what environment helps her write best and the things she does for others.

I plucked up the courage to ask a question about what advice she would give to a new writer.  You can hear the answer in full on the recording linked above.  Surrounding yourself with people who will support you has resonated with me ever since.  She made it clear that being creative is not easy but having support helps you get over the hurdles.  I am not a writer but am creative and always appreciate advice.

I am trying to improve my photography and asked if I could take some photos.  Kit said yes below are some of my favourite shots.

It was a lovely evening to be exposed to something new and to catch up with Tina.  Being able to listen again reminded me of this and look forward to more events and situations that will open up my creativity, thank you.

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