A Positive Weekend

A while ago I was talking to a friend and colleague about taking photographs and volunteered to take some shots at a summer fair.

The day finally arrived and my usual crisis of confidence hit.  I prepared and charged my battery made sure I had extra memory cards.  Thank goodness the weather was good, which made my job easier.

I don’t have permission to use the shots with people in but here are some of my favourite shots without people.



I did have a look around the stalls when not taking photos and came home with a plant.  Also some parsley and mint.



After the summer fair I went on to meet up with some great people I have had the pleasure of meeting through basketball.  They came from far and wide, Liverpool, Finland, Greece and Japan.


This weekend was topped off with reading some really truthful blog entries by people who are beautiful and creative.  Fran is Fall for DIY and we met many moons ago at a crafting night called a Crafty Beer.  Cherie is friend and old colleague who is behind the blog Cherry’s not my name.  They are both writing and creating some really inspirational things.

I am really happy with the shots I took over the weekend and have been inspired by some of the company I have been in this weekend.  I am off to do some paperwork and get ready for learning at work week, this year’s theme is Connect.



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