Demo Day at Cooksongold

A letter came through the post telling me about two days of demonstrations at Cooksongold in the Jewellery Quarter.


Photographing jewellery  and fimo polymer clay were the demonstrations that really reached out to me.

So off I went, the first demo had already started as I missed my bus.  People were attentively listening to the demonstrator Lana.  The products on show were a bit out of my price range but did make me think more about lighting and the use of smart phones to take photos.  Once the talking was finished, people were able to ask questions and try out the light boxes.  Here are a couple of shots.

Version 2

Version 2

Yes I did take some of my stitch markers with me and I am glad I did.  I am always looking to improve my photography so I will take any opportunity.

In the afternoon I went back for the fimo polymer clay demo.  I had been talking to Jayne Rozario earlier that day about what she was going to cover in her demo.  Also asked about using a pasta machine to condition the clay.



Jayne covered making canes and she had designed a lovely pattern based on on the outside of the Birmingham library.


She made it look so easy and used a clay extruder tool, which I need to have in my life.  Both demonstrators were friendly and approachable to ask questions.  Cooksongold thank you so much for organising this free event.

One thought on “Demo Day at Cooksongold

  1. Jayne Rozario says:

    What a lovely blog Rebecca. I love the angles on your photo of the library too. It’s given me more ideas. 🙂 it was lovely to meet you and I can tell from your Facebook page that there will be special things to come. Take care. Jayne

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