Rub Smokehouse & Bar Birmingham


Rub Smokehouse & bar is new to Birmingham only opened on 22nd July 2015.  It is located on Broad Street in between the Solomon Cutler and the Hyatt hotel.  I remember this place as the Living Room, a bar upstairs with a good vibe.

I came across Rub on Twitter and as I usually do I checked out the menu online and noticed (GF) next to many of the items.  I have a great love of pulled pork but I cook it at home.  Ribs on the other hand are something I haven’t mastered at home so seeing them filled me with excitement.

I was greeted by a friendly host and shown upstairs.  As I was meeting a friend I was given the option to wait at the bar but I went straight to our table.  My first memory was these wooden seats aren’t too comfortable.

I ordered the crackling as a starter.  I wasn’t sure if any of the gluten free options needed to have ingredients removed, so I mentioned it to our server.  I don’t think she is used to sceptical eaters who like to check food is definitely gluten free so thought I was a little awkward.


I enjoyed the crackling and the apple sauce was nice, not too sweet.  A little bit more apple sauce would be good.

Then my half rack of ribs came served with salt and pepper fries and slaw.  The slaw had no sign of mayonnaise and I didn’t mind.  There was a lot of choice of how to have your fries.

Poppybead blog - Ribs

There was wet tissues so you don’t need to be polite, I just tucked in with my hands.  The ribs tasted really good and the portion was ample.  There was spring onions sprinkled on everything.

We were then offered the desert menu.  I asked if they had any deserts that were gluten free and non chocolate.  The answer was no, my allergy to chocolate sometimes makes desert when eating out difficult.

All in all I will definitely be going back again to Rub.  The portion sizes were good, the options were ample apart from desert.  I did like how they brought out the kitchen sink desert to another table, that looked like good fun.

I would like to wish them well and every  success.

Here is my friend’s non gluten free desert, it did look good.


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