On Friday 24th July the weather was pretty bad in London and many other places.  So as I came out of Euston Station I noticed the Itsu sign amongst the gloom of the bad weather.

A few days later I was back and it was lunchtime.  So I thought I would give it a go.  I asked a very smiley member of staff is any of the food gluten free?  A blank look is what came next however, I think the manager stepped in.  He offered me their allergens menu card, with the offer of checking my choices.  I was allowed to peruse the card at my leisure even though the store was busy.

I selected a rice based salad dish but it wasn’t suitable.  The hot noodles were recommended so I had the classic chicken noodles.


I have had their noodles from the supermarket but these were so much better.  It was packed with chicken and vegetables.


I  couldn’t take a good photo as I was travelling and too busy eating it.  I really enjoyed my food.


I also got a drink and that was nice.  It wasn’t too sweet.  All in all I had a really positive experience and will be going back again.


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