Motivation vs Procrastination

This lady is one of the nicest people I’ve met.


2015-07-22 14.16.09

The final scores are in….

Isn’t it hard to be motivated on dull days…. days when the colour of everything seems to take on a grey tone to match to sullen sky.   I have realised in my short time of being full time creator that motivation is not a thing to find ‘out there’, it’s a state of determination, to plough on even when you can really just turn over in bed for an extra few minutes.  It’s more than turning up, it’s being tuned in and ready to go.

Obviously being a creative isn’t like other professions, your ability to create is intrinsically woven into how you feel.  It is an emotional and expressive work we do, putting our very personality into each piece we produce.

When I was at the day job and longed for the freedom to create everyday, I had only experienced short periods of…

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