A Summer (dress) Revisited

After an unsuccessful shopping trip in 2008 I decided I wanted to learn how to sew and use commercial patterns.  I signed up for an adult education class.
One of the first things I ever made was a New Look pattern. The number is 6890 but is now discontinued.
New Look pattern 6890

I made this summer dress and it has worn really well.  I still get positive comments about it.

We have had some lovely weather in the UK in the last few weeks so I have been wearing my orange summer dress.
I thought I would I would make another dress from the same pattern.   This time I wanted short sleeves.

I thought about pattern matching this fabric, in the end I didn’t bother.
I pressed my hems in place before sewing them.
Attaching the sleeves was pretty easy especially when I referred to my other dress.
I covered a button with some scraps and I also made a scrunchie.
Apart from the bottom hem I managed to complete the dress in one evening.  I was really pleased with that as I have been struggling with my energy levels.
I loved making this dress and will make more in time.
What things are you making?

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