This is the Face of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is why I am gluten free. Have a read of this blog.



“I know we always tell each other “stay strong” but part of strength is knowing you cannot be strong all the time.  When you live with constant pain or injuries you struggle all the time.  When someone says to you they never break, they are lying to you or themselves. A drop of water on a stone doesn’t do much but a constant drip eventually erodes and changes the stone forever.  The truth is the never ending pain is like a constant drip changing parts of your soul.  It changes you leaving scars no one can see.  Does it make you stronger? Absolutely, but it also takes a toll on you mentally and emotionally.  When you feel as if you have lost your strength hold on with all your might and when you strength finds you again you can look back and be proud and amazed by what you overcame.”


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