Street food in Birmingham

As I  flicked through Facebook an event popped up saying there was a street food event in Birmingham.  This was organised by Regency Wharf and Scoff Street Food.

I am always dubious that events like this won’t have any gluten free options, however I had nothing to worry about.  This event wasn’t big but it is in it’s infancy.
I decided to try Canoodle Pan Asian food.  Then I couldn’t decide on the beef randang or the chicken red thai curry, so I had both.

Poppybead blog Street Food from Canoodle

The wind was really blowing so Canoodle kindly wrapped my food up and it made it home in one piece.


I have got to say I enjoyed the red thai chicken curry more.  It was packed with flavour and there was lots of chicken.  Both the beef and chicken were tender and melted in my mouth. It was served with some salad, which was a lovely palette cleanser.  I am really pleased to get this in gluten free food.

I hope this event gets the support it deserves and happens again.


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