Love Your Blog: Community and Interaction

Welcome back to the Poppybead crafting blog on Blogspot.  I had been experimenting with other platforms and they have not been working for me, so I am back.
Since I have been away I have still been blogging and I will transfer content across as soon as I can.  Whilst being online I have become addicted to Instagram and Pinterest.  I posted a photo asking for suggestions of crafting podcasts I could watch/listen to and the community of Instagram gave more options than I could of imagined.
One of the suggestions was A Playful Day podcast.  They are running “An Inspired 2015” and this includes Love your Blog Challenge.  I am bit late writing  about April’s subjects but better late than never.
The first prompt was Community and Interaction.  I have a presence on Twitter, a page on Facebook, Ravelry, Instagram, Pinterest, a shop on Etsy & a website.  I am really appreciative of all the followers, likes and sales I have made through these through these platforms.
Something seems to be missing, human interaction!  Sometimes I love to meet people and sometimes I don’t but more love.  So I through the group Handmade is Hot on Facebook,  I did my first craft fair and have been to some creative networking events.
On Twitter I found a free small business start up course, Ravelry gave me the opportunity to join some knitting groups locally and learning at work week let me find other crafting colleagues in my day job.
I don’t post the same things on all platforms for instance I don’t share my gluten free food ideas on Facebook, I have a separate blog as well.
For me there has been a lot of trial and error but I am still learning.  Love your blog challenge is a great way to keep learning.

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