My day out in the countryside

I thought I would start this blog with a bit of history.  My friend Imogen who makes great gluten free cake introduced me to a group called Handmade is Hot on Facebook.  This group has become a valuable resource in my journey through crafting as a business.  


After meeting other members of the group at my first craft fair,  I met some more members on my birthday. 
Sometimes it’s easy to hide behind a computer and forget about interaction with others and possible customers.  Each time I have met other “hotties” everyone has been really nice and honest. 
I can’t remember exactly when the discussion started but I wanted to join in with making a blanket for a picnic.   With all good intentions I started a crochet granny square blanket.  Over 6 months later the blanket hasn’t grown much so I thought I sew one, that was an epic fail.  
I managed to find something I had already made and off I went to the countryside of Lichfield. 

You can see the house reflected in this picture.

I am very much a city girl and can’t drive so don’t get out to the countryside very often.  But yesterday I made the effort to go Hottie organised event at Curborough crafts and antiques centre.  With my hottie badge, blanket, picnic and camera off I went.  I took the cross city train line to Lichfield Trent Valley and thought maybe I should of got off the station before.  I was given a number for a taxi and I shared it with a lady called Kiki who was going to play the violin at a wedding, how random?

When I got to the venue I wanted to have my hair done in a vintage up do.  It’s something I have never done before.  I really liked it and think I would do it again. 



There was loads to see and so I started exploring and taking 
pictures. So here is a link to my Flickr photostream



There was lots of Hottie badges around and I was really pleased to put some faces to names/wellies.  One conversation that sticks in my head was about social media.      I have got presence on Instagram and Pinterest as I thought they would be useful to my brand and I am rather addicted to Instagram.  House of Harrie Hattie if you want some help let me know.

I had a lovely day networking with other crafters, hotties and even ran into a colleague from my day job.  The music was great and the weather was fantastic.

I have got some inspiration and renewed motivation from going to this event.  Great job Lucy.

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