22nd December 2011

On this day last year was when many of the NTO’s received a letter saying their would be going to the Olympics and Paralympics. I was on my lunch break and saw someone’s status on Facebook and I ran home to check my post with a sick feeling in my stomach. Once I got home my letter was there, so I opened it and had to read it a few times to believe I was going to be part of the Paralympics.

Fast forward 365 days and I still can’t believe I was part of the biggest Paralympic event in the world. As it is nearly Christmas I am spending time with my family and I thought I would try and catch some Basketball and see friends. One of the topics of conversation is still my time at the Paralympics, which I really don’t mind talking about.


I just don’t know where 2012 has gone but I have got some great memories and made some new friends through Wheelchair Basketball. Not forgetting officiating at Euro-league at the Wolverhampton Rhinos, the Paralympic World Cup and the European U22 Championships. I do feel very blessed to be involved with all of these events along with each and every game at Blackcats and Crusaders throughout the domestic season.

I would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a great new year.


Spot the trilby

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