Questions, questions.

A while ago I saw IWBF had posted on Facebook “What do you miss about the Paralympics?” My answer to this question was everything & everybody.

Then I started thinking about why do people get involved in Basketball, what keeps them involved in Basketball and what happens when you can’t play anymore?

On Sunday I was officiating at my local club in Birmingham, UK and there were a number of faces missing on court.  I don’t know why some people were not around but I know some people’s bodies won’t allow them to play anymore.

Birmingham Blackcats home court
Birmingham Blackcats home court

When I got to the venue on Sunday with my hot water bottle and cushion in hand, I asked myself why haven’t I got in a chair played wheelchair basketball?  The venue is very cold hence the hot water bottle but this Sunday there was a warmth of supporters.  This time it wasn’t just friends and family, people had got the club’s details from the internet and wanted to watch a wheelchair Basketball game.

I also got asked if one of the home club coaches relative could sit with the table and learn about the 24 second clock.  “Of course”, a young lad turned up called Ryan.  I asked why did he want to learn about the 24?  He said he wanted to get get involved with the club and help out.  He seemed to grasp when the shot clock would start and change possession.  I set him some homework to read up about the duties of the 24 second operator and hopefully we get Ryan qualified as a table official.

Next Sunday I will be at another local club in the West Midlands officiating and the question I will ask are have their numbers stayed high after the Paralympics?

One last question, do you have any new year’s resolutions, Basketball or otherwise?

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