Back to life

Back to reality.  These are not just words from a Soul II Soul song but what has happened to us all now London 2012 is over.  Oh my, I still miss being at the Paralympics.

Today I officiated my first Wheelchair Basketball game of the season.  The final score was 30-13 to Crusaders verses Mansfield Maulers.  For the first time in a long time the coach had far too many players to choose from.  It was lovely to see some of the players from last season and lots of new faces.

Two new players made their debut in the league today.  One of these players has only been with the club for three weeks.  I asked the coach where did you find him?  The answer I got was “He found us”.  The player in question had been watching Wheelchair Basketball at the Paralympics and wanted to give it a try.  This is a true story I only heard today that brought a smile to my face and a warm glow in my heart.  You could tell this player was raw with his skills but his confidence and self esteem were there in abundance, welcome to the Basketball Family.

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