What now?

Nearly two weeks has passed after eleven days of amazing sporting performances ended.

Whilst being at the Paralympics I was asked to celebrate with one of the Wheelchair Basketball clubs I officiate for in Great Britain.  It turned out that another NTO was a statistician at both games, I table officiated, a referee lives locally & two of the children (Not pictured) carried the Olympic torch.

It was lovely to share this evening with the children and parents of the club and I got a chance to wear my uniform again, this included my Trilby.  The Paralympics has had a positive effect on people’s awareness of disability sports and the Wheelchair Basketball club in Coventry has had increased numbers for training.

I am so proud and honoured to have had the opportunity to experience the Paralympics but what happens now?   Well, the next two weekends will see the start of all domestic leagues in Great Britain who haven’t already started.  The other thing that has started in Great Britain is the change of weather and this means the Basketball season is truly here.

I intend to continue blogging throughout the season and sharing my love of Basketball with whoever reads my blog and asks me about the Paralympics.

When looking through images that have captured the Paralympics I came across this one on Pinterest which has great composition.  The reason for adding it to this blog is when I showed it to a colleague at my day job he didn’t notice the coach has no lower legs, he just thought it was a well taken photo.  All the people I have spoken to have seen past the disability and see the skill involved in Wheelchair Basketball.  Thanks for the photo Ben Smith.

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