Even less time to go

Yesterday when I started writing this blog entry I’d just finished officiating a close a game between Canada and China. I really enjoyed it. Unlike most of my other games I have walked away very happy. As per usual there were things I felt could of been sharper, but I am hard task master on myself. I always strive to keep learning and bettering myself, this was my last game. The Paralympics have been a great learning experience. I’ve learnt more about elite sport, major events and people. Just because you don’t have limbs or complete control over your body doesn’t mean you can’t be your best.

Social media gives you the chance to get to know somebody but not actually know them. The day before yesterday I officiated my fellow blogger Mareike Adermann against the Netherlands, it felt strange. She and her country went onto win gold. I stayed to watch victory ceremony, which was rather exciting. On the way back I saw Kylie Bucci from Australia get mobbed by fans and spectators wanting to take pictures and see her silver medal, she was so gracious.

I have so many special memories of the Paralympics I could burst. I’ve spent some of my down time soaking up the atmosphere, writing blog entries, some knitting and being part of something special. With technology and social media I’ve been privileged to share these moments with so many people.

Today there is still medals to be contended and memories to be captured.

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