Not long left

With three days of competition left, I am thinking about returning to the reality of my life.  Before I embarked on this journey a few weeks I was asked what are you going to do once the Paralympics are over?  I thought it would be easy to transition back but, maybe not.
When you have the opportunity to be part of something so great it will always be hard.  I have been very humbled and blessed by the support of my fellow NTO’s and ITO’s throughout this experience.  Renewing friendships and making new ones has been fantastic.

These memories will last forever and I have hopefully caught some of these on film. Whilst walking around the village and the park I’ve tried to soak up everything including the sculptures, the decorated balconies, the athletes and the venues.  At the Paralympics its not about how disabled you are but how able you are to compete at the highest level.  Every athlete wants to do their best just like me as a NTO and sometimes you have to dust yourself off, put your game head back on.  There’s a phrase I hear in England “Put your best foot forward” which according to the Internet means “Show your better side, be the best you can be.”


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