Never the same again

Yesterday was the last day of games at the Basketball Arena.  Some people might not know that the Arena is a temporary venue and will disappear from the skyline of East London.


Yesterday we had a real summer’s day in London and so I went for a stroll on the park.  I returned to the National Lottery Showcase and the photos have been updated.


I overheard a lady say the photography was amazing. I thought the poem was pretty special. It is called Breathe.   A colleague called Marcus was at the Showcase and got me to complete the quiz, I got 5 out of 7 question correct.

I then went to chill before my game at 6.30pm.  I was sat on a bench knitting when two armed police asked what was I knitting and knew there was a knit and purl stitch.

It was a day of emotions knowing things in East London will never look or be the same.  But life must go on and I am officiating another game today.


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