Where has the time gone?

This time last week I was chilling my friend and her family. I even gave her son my Mandeville mascot and he wanted to bounce the little basketball on it’s wrist. Now I am chilling between my games on day 4 of competition.



I have had an amazing time so far even down to wearing my trilby hat.


I have met so many officials from many different sports, shooting, swimming and tennis, amongst them.

Everyone has been so friendly both in the village and park saying hello, this has included security & armed police. I’ve been asked by people why is my uniform blue. I have proudly told them that I am table official for the Wheelchair Basketball. Most people say “Wow that game is fast.” & I always take a moment contemplate and answer I suppose it is.

I have been very lucky to meet some of my friends on the park and happy for them to share my experience of the Paralympics. I’ve also had some lovely text messages from friends and colleagues wishing me luck or I’ve seen you on TV.

Before I go off to officiate another game I will have a stroll around the village and capture some more memories on film.

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