The competitions have started

On the first day of competition I officiated two games at the Basketball Arena. My first game was between Columbia & Poland. I was nervous but not like I have been at previous international tournaments. It felt strange and I can’t put my finger on exactly on what that feeling was.

On my second day I only had one game operating the shot clocks at the North Greenwich Arena. This game was between South Africa and Spain and I really enjoyed the game, experience and was happy with my performance.

I am very self critical of my performances and ability but this game just had me bouncing off the walls, happy would be an understatement. For the first time in a long time or maybe ever I came away and could confidently say I was satisfied with my officiating. I would like to thank my co-officials, stats, the commissioner, the ITO’s and the teams for this amazing feeling. I regularly get a song stuck in my head and this time the song was I got a feeling by The Black Eyed Peas.

Today my first game will complete me officiating in all roles on the table and that brings me a whole different set of nerves but I will just go with the Paralympic flow.

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