This is real – the first few days

Wow! I keep pinching myself, I am actually at the London 2012 Paralympic games.

As I have been walking around the village I have been trying to take in every moment and every sight. It has been fantastic to see co-officials from the 2010 World Championships again. also meeting lots of new officials and athletes. There has been lots of hugs & shaking of hands.

The first few days have been pretty surreal. We’ve been busy collecting our uniforms, going through dress rehearsals for what happens before, during and after games. We have also had official photos taken.

There are six table officials NTO’s who have returned after officiating at the Olympics. They have been imparting their experiences and knowledge with us, this has been invaluable.
The opening ceremony was a couple of days ago and it was pretty special. The whole evening just had moments and memories that will continue spark smiles & laughter for everybody there. I will probably blog about this separately as I have loads of photos to share.

Good luck to all officials, delegates & athletes, lets have good games with lots of fun.


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