Back to where it began

It’s only one day until I report for my table officiating duties. The sun is shining in London and I am still rather calm.


I thought I would take a trip down memory lane, these photos show the road I walked along to get to school.

This building is my high school and where I was first introduced to Basketball in the late eighties.  Two of my physical education teachers were Basketball players to a high international standard.  Along with the school’s science technician they went out of their way to bring Basketball to the pupils.

I honestly back in the days of being a teenager thought the boys on the Basketball team were better looking than the Soccer team.  This is why I started getting involved with Basketball.

Fast forward twenty years or so and Basketball has been a constant in my life.  I think of the people I know through Basketball as family, they are there for you when need them.  They can also tell you a few home truths.

I am still in awe that in less than 24 hours I will be handing over my accreditation and entering the Paralympic village.  I feel extremely blessed and proud to have this opportunity in the city back where it began.

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