7 days and counting

In Great Britain the broadcasters are doing lots to make people aware of the Paralympics.  As I start to type this blog entry Channel 4 are showing a programme and the presenter opened by saying “Seven days and counting”.

As an official yesterday we received more information and oh boy this journey is getting closer.  It is actually 5 days until I report at the Paralympic village.  I am packed & will probably check and double check that I don’t forget anything.  Surprisingly even though I am really excited I am also calmer than I thought I would be at this stage.  A dear friend texted and asked “Are the butterflies testing their wings?”

As I walk around my day job colleagues keep asking me if I am looking forward to the Paralympics and the beaming smile I have been wearing says it all.  It has also been great sharing my facts of the day with colleagues and giving them something to go away and think about.  This morning I walked past management accountants and I had to stop and listen to their conversation about athletes with Cerebral Palsy and I felt overwhelmed with the knowledge they were gaining.  Also a friend and colleague said to me “my mum keeps asking about your facts of day.”  I even got asked by my department director if I was looking forward to my time at Paralympics.  He shared his experiences of the Olympics and that he was looking forward to the Paralympics.

Before I forget here is a billboard that I keep passing on my way to work.

Through social media there has been much discussion on the terms used to describe athletes who will compete at the Paralympics.   Avoid the superhumans was an interesting article that I came across.  For me as a table official I don’t see disability, I see two teams who want to play Basketball within the rules of the sport.  My job is to help that happen with the knowledge I have of the game and the rules without favouring any person or team.

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