Olympic Park


In my last blog I mentioned the landscaping at Olympic Park and apart from the venues there are a number of things to experience.

This picture shows the Basketball Arena which is a temporary venue and will be rebuilt elsewhere in the country.

In this photo you can see the Aquatics Centre & the Orbit.  I didn’t get a chance to go up to the viewing points in the Orbit but I will when I go to the Paralympics.

Whilst watching the Olympics I have been overwhelmed by the amount of British athletes who have thanked the National Lottery for their Olympic opportunity.

I actually work for one of the lottery distributors and when I heard about the amounts of money that have been diverted to the Olympics and Paralympics I had mixed feelings.  When I got told by my Chief Executive that the lottery would have a presence at the park I was quite surprised.  However I thought I would make the effort to check it out.

This area is called “The National Lottery, it’s your space”.  It has a number of volunteers who can tell people more about the work the lottery good causes do.  They were all very friendly, even after getting drenched by the rain.  I stood and watched the films that are on a loop showing the diversity of projects that are funded and even recognised some of the GB team.  There was some quite thought provoking music playing on these films and the lights on the side change in line with the music.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the Olympics & Paralympics are the pinnacle of the athletes and officials careers and it’s also easy to forget how important the good causes funding is in different communities.  When a colleague posted that they were enjoying the Olympics I responded by saying “I think a lot of people have put their cynicism back its box embraced the Olympics. Two weeks and it starts again.”

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