Table or Technical Official?

After I blogged for the IWBF for the first time last week.  I was asked by a referee “why do you say you officiate and not table officiate?”  I explained that regarding the Paralympics the table officials are refered to as National Technical Officials, I also said would be sharing the difference.   In order for a game of International Wheelchair Basketball to take place there are a number of officials that are needed.

 I have my hand in the air.

There are three floor officials or a referee and two umpires.  A scorekeeper who records the score, timeouts and fouls.  An assistant scorekeeper who enters the score and fouls on the visual scoreboard.  A shot clock operator, who times how long a team has to take a shot on the clocks which are usually mounted on the backboards.  A timekeeper, game commissioner and a classifier.

At international level the game clock and shot clock are stopped by technology in the refeeree’s whistle.  If you watch the referees they will reach for a small button attached to their trousers, this button starts the game and shot clocks.  When I went to the test event last August this was the first time I had ever come across this technology and it blew my mind.  So as a timekeeper you will be backing up the whistle if the clock doesn’t start or stop.

At a number of the wheelchair tournaments I have table officiated the game commissioner has undertaken the duties of the classifier as well as overseeing the game.

I always think of the officials as being the legs of a swan, important to the game but shouldn’t be noticed in the gracefulness of Wheelchair Basketball.


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