Happy Mothers Day

This morning I’m sat at the side of a Basketball court thinking of my mum and all the mothers I know across the world. I have rung my mum who has opened her card and gift and with great excitement. She then proceeded to ask me did I make the card to which I told her yes. She loved the card and wants to take it to her sewing class to show it off. “If people like it will you make some more? They will pay you!”. Too right they will was what I was thinking along with my mum has just entered into my marketing and sales plan without even being asked.

I was more excited by what I’d put in a little white gift box. She opened it whilst I waited on the phone and yet more excitement came from her. “They are lovely, I will wear them to church this morning.” Then she realised the earrings were made from a bracelet she wanted me to fix for her. She did ask where the bracelet was. I told her the earrings were just a taster and the bracelet was on it’s way. When I told a crafting friend what I planned to do they said “That is like giving someone the top half of a finger and not the rest of the hand. ”
Upcycling is really taking off and thats how I see this Mothers day gift to be.

As I watch two women’s teams play Basketball I think to myself which of them will become mothers or masters of industry or both? Back to the knitting, Happy Mothers Day.

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