Wake up and smell the coffee


After a week of being overwhelmed I have taken a day off. This has been down to mainly positive things happening, BTW I don't like the smell of coffee!

Lets start at the beginning where I went off to Fibre Flurry with knitting pals from London. We went off to Kings Norton and my lack of direction came into force and we missed the bus stop, luckily pigeon and the gang were understanding. Once we got inside this lovely 
building there was so much to look at, touch and buy. I had one thing to buy and that was yarn for a hat for my mum. I was given specific colour choices of cream, navy or grey my mum doesn't do black partly for cultural reasons and it's relationship with death. I finally came away with a silk/merino grey sparkly skein from Fyberspates. I also got some other stuff from Fyberspates and will more than likely buy from them again. 
I also broke my Knitpro cherry and got my first double pointed needles, this meant or was just a good excuse to buy some sock yarn. I got this from Martina who I've been following on twitter and am using her sock pattern, how weird? I got to meet other tweeters and Ravelry people, everyone was friendly as well as kind about my knitting. 
After a day of yarn (some fabric) we went off to Stitch Perfect you guessed it a yarn shop in the Custard factory. The owner Alice is really nice and accommodating, she liked my beaded stitch markers so I might be able to sell them through her shop. Along with my project bags OMG people like what I'm making and doing!

As the week went on I got lots of great feedback on the "poppybead identity", I can't thank Luke enough for his illustrations which are delicate and beautiful.  Then Mr F has been ever so helpful regarding the setting up of my website. There is many a pint with your name on:-).  By the end of the week I was totally overwhelmed the kindness of others, this has made me wake up and smell the coffee. To know not everyone you come across is going to like you but appreciate the ones who do.

A few mentions Kenda, Socrates, Plato, Liz, Anne-Marie from Neros.  Jose, Al and Terry.   Luke, Steve, A Crafty Beer, Debs, Pam & Emma.

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